When an accident does happen, having the right action plan in place is key. A quality, well-trained team of in-house employees and service providers to execute the action plan can make all the difference.  

365 Concierge Claim Process

  • 35 Step automated workers comp claims process

    • Supervisor will call into claim hotline staffed by a injury nurse

    • Nurse will speak to Employee and Direct Care either to First Aid or the appropriate provider

    • Claim will be turned into Insurance Carrier if appropriate

    • Employer can set up distribution list to be notified of claim

    • Claim Data will be input into shared Database

      • Claims can be set to follow up on and details of claims can be maintained throughout the life of the claim

    • OSHA Reporting can be done through reports in the Shared Database

    • Claims Reviews every 90-180 days based on clients needs